Buy Here Pay Here

Sauls Motor Company, located in Smithfield near Raliegh and Durham, offers guarenteed financing through our Buy Here Pay Here program.  The vehicles below qualify for our buy here pay here program, with low down payments regaurdless of you past credit history.  

At Sauls, we like to say "Credit is Hard, Sauls is Easy!" and we mean it. There's No Credit Needed. Our Buy Here Pay Here program is a new way to own for less. Check it out and you'll see that why people choose Sauls Motor Company!

  • So, What exactly does "Buy Here Pay Here" mean?
  • •Buy here pay here financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments at our dealership.
  • •Instead of purcahsing a car from a third party, like a bank, you buy the car through what we call in-house financing.
  • •Usually when you would be making traditional payments to a lander, but with our buy here pay here you make direct payments through cash or credit. 
  • •You literally "buy" the car here and you "pay" for the car here.

Why buy here pay here is "Smarter Than a lease"
•You can have a single, affordable payment no per mile charge
•You can own it in 24 months or less
•No end of lease balance

Why buy here pay here is "Better Than Credit"
 •It's in your hands with your very first payment.
•Relaxed income requirements.
•Your completed purchase could help build your credit score.
•You know exactly how many payments you'll make, and you will know your total cost of ownership before you buy.